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The Island Offshore Group is majority- owned by the Ulstein and Chouest families who have participated in building and managing Offshore Service Vessels since the early 1970s, both directly and through different industrial partnerships.

Island Offshore Management was established April 14th 2002, however, no one was employed in the company until April 1st 2004 - the date when the company started to man Island Frontier, and the owners decided to set up their own management company. This was also the start of well intervention as a pioneer service from a mono hull vessel. A small team of four people; full of expectations, got settled in the Borgstein facilities at Stålhaugen in Ulsteinvik while the Island Frontier was completed at Søvik Yard in Søvika, Norway.

At that time chairman of the Island Offshore Group, Morten Ulstein, was asked what thoughts he had for the future concerning the business. His answer was plain speaking to operate Island Frontier in a good way, and that Island Offshore might get management on a vessel or two from the Edison Chouest Offshore Group sometime further down the line.

That did not last very long… Already the very same summer Island Offshore ordered several new vessels. The first, Island Scout, was delivered in the beginning of 2005, and they kept on coming throughout the year: Island Trader, Island Pride, Island Spirit and Island Ranger.

From that day on the ball has just kept on rolling and the Group now totals 26 vessels (including the vessel under construction). Our organisation include a management company in Ulsteinvik with an additional crewing department established in Lisbon, Portugal.  The fleet works on a worldwide basis.