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18.02.2013 - MV Island ChaMPION – Contract extension

One more year with Team Marine
One more year with Team Marine

Island Offshore is pleased to announce that Team Marine has declared the second, of five, one year option on the MV Island Champion. The vessel has been on charter with Team Marine since she was delivered in 2006 and is presently  supporting the Captain oil field at the UKCS. Island Offshore looks forward to continue the good cooperation with Team.

18.01.2013 – 5 Year - contract award MV island chieftain

Island Chieftain continues with BP N
Island Chieftain continues with BP N

The Island Chieftain has again proven the UT 776 design by being awarded a 5 years contract with BP Norge AS (BPN).

The MV Island Chieftain has been a part of BPN’s pool since February 2010, and Island Offshore is very pleased to be chosen as one of BPN’s preferred suppliers for the coming years.

Commencement of the contract will be in Q3 2013 in direct continuation of present contract.

We thank BPN for their award and we are confident that the vessels and her experienced crew will contribute with a safe and efficient operation.

18.01.2013 – 5 year contract award MV island challenger

5 year firm contract
5 year firm contract

Island Challenger will complete her present charter with Statoil Petroleum AS in September 2013, where she has been a part of Statoil’s PSV pool since she delivered from the yard in 2007.

Island Offshore (IO) is therefore pleased that the MV Island Challenger has been entrusted with a 5 years firm charter by Talisman Energy Norge AS.

The contract will commence in November 2013 after a short upgrade of the vessel in direct continuation of the present charter.

This will be the first term contract between Island Offshore and Talisman, and look forward the cooperation with Talisman. We are confident that the vessel and her experienced crew will contribute in a safe and efficient operation.


Island Offshore has ordered one new offshore support vessel (OSV) at Vard Brevik. The value of the contract amounts to approximately NOK 400 million.

The vessel of type Rolls-Royce UT 776 design, is scheduled for delivery from Vard Brevik in Norway in 1Q 2015. The hull of the vessel will be delivered from Vard Braila in Romania.

15.01.2013 - island crusader 2 x contract award

Island Crusader to support the SS Transocean Barents
Island Crusader to support the SS Transocean Barents

On October October 1st Island Offshore and MLS signed a contract for the Island Crusader. The contract commitment is for one well firm, and the end client Maersk Oil Norway. The vessel will be supporting the SS Transocean Barents for the Albert test drilling campaign. After the Albert campaign, the SS Transocean Barents will relocate to the Barents Sea and hence the Island Crusader will follow the rig and undertake a contract with Repsol Exploration Norge for one well firm.

The Owners are pleased to get back-to-back contracts with MLS and look forward to working with Repsol.